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In the process of developing drug – antidepressant, researchers have discovered a positive side effect. Namely, the ability of the drug to treat premature ejaculation. So there was a drug Priligy. From a scientific point of view, Priligy, or as it is called pharmacists Dapoxetine is a selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake. Priligy, effective and safe. This gives him the opportunity to be the best drug to treat premature ejaculation today. And this is true. After all, Priligy quickly absorbed into the body. At the same time it is a few hours eliminated from the body without causing the latter any harm. Anyway, after a clinical trial conducted in more than 20 States, no adverse effects have been identified. Regarding the benefits, it is worth mentioning that the average duration of sexual intercourse when Priligy increases 4 times. As a positive side effects should be considered mood improvement, stress relief and reduction of fear. Take Priligy need 2-3 hours before sexual intercourse one tablet. The highest efficiency is observed 2 hours after administration. No matter the mealtime. Priligy compatible with such stimulating means like Viagra and Levitra. Most popular, Priligy concurrently with Viagra. However, there are contraindications. First of all, it kidney failure. In addition do not take, Priligy together with MAO inhibitors. Suicidal mood of the psyche is also a contraindication receive Priligy.

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